Light Blue PR Lares Flag Coaster



Available on backorder


Now sold individually per your request. Each coaster is hand assembled by me with Popsicle sticks. Hand painted and varnished in UV resin for extra gloss and functionality.

Please keep in mind that each one may vary slightly in size and gaping between popsicles due to the organic nature of material but typically range between 4×4 in to 4.5×4.5 in. No refunds or returns will made due to this but note that I do my best in pairing the coasters by size when more than one is ordered. Any gaps due to waves in wood is covered by resin to diminish chances of any moisture entering.

To maintain your coasters;

Do not scrub, soak or place in dishwasher, as this may damage coaster. Simply use a moistened towel or washcloth to clean.

Resin is not scratch resistance.

All flags have a date marking when that variation was first utilized with the exception of the Lares Flag in Light Blue.

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