DIY Laminated Picture Christmas Ornaments

By Tania Lopez

Learn how I make my Three Wise Men Christmas ornaments and this is actually a great way for you to turn your images into ornaments as well.

My Three Kings Ornament

If you rather watch the video then head on over to my YouTube Channel.

Otherwise Let’s Get Started and I’ll Include the Supply List at the bottom.

My Three Wise Men Ornaments are not only one of my most popular ornaments to sell but also one of my most economical and easiest to make. You can literally turn any mini art print, if you are an artist, or any image/picture if you are just wanting to make some for personal use.

If you are printing your own images, I suggest that you use white premium paper, no need to use photo paper since they will be laminated. If you are looking for a great, economical printer for prints, I use a Canon PIXMA TS702a , otherwise getting laser copies at Staples are an amazing way to get what you need.

Now, I wanted my images to be no more than 3.5-4 inches long so I sized my images to fit these measurements keeping in mind that when I laminate them, it will add at least a 1/8-1/4 inch to the border.

Once you get your images sized and printed, it’s time to cut. You can use a regular pair of scissors if you are REALLY good at cutting neat and straight but if not or if you are making multiples then you may want to get a paper cutter. Now these are a lot easier to find nowadays but I like convenience so most of my supplies I get them delivered. You may also opt to round the corners at this time. This is a personal choice.

Once your image is cut, it’s time to laminate. A laminator is actually not as expensive as you may think. You can find these at Walmart, Target or stores like this as well as the laminating sheets. Now, when laminating, it is important that you allow time for your laminator to get warmed up prior to feeding it any of the laminating sheets. You want to make sure that you have the machine on a flat sturdy surface and away from anything that may be damaged with heat. Placing the images inside the laminating sheets, ensure that you have room in between each image, 1/2 an inch is a safe bet, wider if you wish to do so because, not only do you need the two sides of the sheets to be able to connect and seal, but this will also be your colored border.

Now, you are ready to feed the laminating sheets into the machine being very careful as to not shift the images. I like to pass the sheets through at least twice.

Once your sheets are cooled down and ready it’s time to cut again. As mentioned above the size of the border depends on how much color you want to pop through but I suggest to leave a minimum of 1/8 inch to maintain the seal.

After you cut your laminated images, it’s time round the corners once more. I would say this is also optional BUT the laminated images will have pretty sharp corners. You can round the corners by hand with scissors but I personally use a corner chomper to make my life a little easier since I make these in batches. They make a variety of corner cutters but I’ll list the one I use below.

Corners now rounded, it is time to add the backing. I personally use adhesive felt. Meaning felt sheets that already have an adhesive to them. You can find these at any craft store. You may also use decorative cardstock. I like felt because it adds a Christmassy feel plus they are more sustainable during storage or if they get wet, for whatever reason, they will simply dry. Once, the back is added and cut yet again, it’s time to add holes. Here, you may want a hole puncher that can withstand multiple layers.

Last step is to add ribbon, twine and a decorative bow if you wish. The red bows I used to purchase from the Dollar Tree until I found a bundle pack some cute gold, silver and red ones through Amazon.

That’s it! You are done and ready to hang!

Hope you try these and maybe make it into a family Christmas Activity!

Checkout the Supply List below but please note that any links listed below are affiliate links in which I make a small commission from.

What You’ll Need

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