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Franklyn Paz and Tina Medina

Celebrating Latinx artists through a variety of mediums and art forms.

Those who know me, know that I am a big advocate for Mi Puerto Rico and although at times we stand on the balance as to what we identify as, are we Latinos, are we Hispanics, are we Caribbean…What exactly are we? And does it matter? At the end of the day we are all placed unto one category.

Regardless of what box we are placed in, I will push, I will represent and I will support any individual that identify as any of those things.

I say all of this because in this artist spotlight I will like to introduce you to two artists that had originally submitted to my inquiries for Latinx Visual Artists. They are, Franklin Paz from Venezuela and Tina Medina, who’s ancestry I will mention further below.

Franklyn Paz

Franklyn Paz is a cartoonist and digital artist who resides in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Speaking to Franklyn, I immediately could see that he has such a beautiful and humble personality. His art focuses on expressing his political views to create conscious thoughts to Venezuelans and Latinos in general. He states “My message will always be EQUALITY and LIBERTY. Without either, we cannot live.”

Franklyn Paz- “ Ya nuestra cultura es local en cualquier parte del mundo.”

Franklyn feels that the Latino culture has reached majority of the nations and that in order for us to grow in the art world, the underdeveloped countries should be facilitated access to art programs, jobs, visas and such.

When asked who he would share a cup of coffee with, he replied, Armando Reverón, Venezuelan painter and sculptor. To describe him he states “Such madness is only indicative of a genius”.

You can reach Frankly via Instagram at @pazcaricatura

Tina Medina

Tina Medina is a multimedia artist from Texas. She is a US American woman with Native American (Indigenous from the areas of Mexico and Peru) and European ancestry. In her work she strives to explore US American history through the eyes of everything that makes her….HER.

In her words, I am interested in symbols and how society places an incredible amount of meaning and faith into abstracted visual signs. I explore creating juxtapositions of contemporary culture, and history, with recognizable cultural symbols. I want the viewer to experience a different perspective and also have my work act as a memory of a collective of voices that are not often heard or remembered”.

Tina Medina- “There is not very much inclusion for people of color, especially indigenous peoples who practice their own cultural aesthetics of art making.”

When asked how she felt Latina artists are represented in the art scene, Tina states “ Latinos tend to only be featured in Latino based exhibitions such as Dia de los Muertos at cultural centers. Not in art galleries. Not in major museums. The art world is a Western notion based entirely on white colonial European culture”.

After reading her answers I think I decided I wanted to have mi tazita de café with HER! Although she chose to sip on her tazita with Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street. But who can blame her.

Thank you both for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. You are both wonderful artists with beautiful minds.

You can find Tina via her website

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