Creating Your Art Space

I have never been the type of artist or writer that required a SPACE to create. I always thought that just simply doing so regardless of your surroundings was enough. I would go to the park to sketch. Save my thoughts until it was almost bed time to scribe them unto a journal or a piece of paper.

It wasn’t until I chose to return to dance in 2012, that I saw the importance to have my own dance space. A single mom with limited time and resources, I needed a space that was of easy access and that also provided me with the privacy to focus on my process. I then created a dance space in my kitchen. Holding team practices on weeknights while my kid watched T.V. in the living room.  This dance space evolved in my next home when I transformed my dining room into a mini personal studio, mirrors and all. I would hold privates, choreograph pieces for the team, etc…

So when I realized how much I missed other forms of art in my life such as painting, sketching or even your DIY crafts, it never dawned on me that I would benefit of an art space as well. Like many others, I simply transformed the coffee table, my bed or the couch unto a mess of canvases, paint brushes and pencils. That was until I hit a road block. I mean LITERALLY, I had the worst mental block when it comes to anything artistic. I was all of a sudden filled with insecurities, uncertainty and an unimaginative funk. The anxiety was needless to say… REAL!

I realized I needed to create a vibe. But not just any vibe, I needed MY vibe.

I set forth to starting my art space with what I felt was the most important aspect, in my opinion, my drafting table. Except, I didn’t want to buy one, I wanted to create one. I wanted the place I sat at to be created from scratch and so I resorted to my webby best friend…Pintrest.  Oh, I love Pintrest and I found the table I wanted to build and recruited one of my best friends to help me with the task. But I was in such a funk that it took me an entire summer to complete it.

Forcing myself to snap out of it, though, I got up one day and just did it!! I felt so accomplished that it gave me the energy to continue with my corner. Paying special attention to the things that I felt I would want to be surrounded by. The things that inspire me to well… create.

I see now the importance of surrounding yourself with the things that give you peace. Whether it is just a spot in your home that is next to a window, or an area where you can sit in tranquil, surrounded by candles. A designated spot for your glass of wine or cup of coffee. Whatever your mojo may be, embrace it. If it is not present, create the vibes that inspire you to do what you love.

I know I’m glad I did.

Do you have your own writing or painting nook?

Go ahead and share, I would LOVE to see some of your working spaces

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