Shawnick Rodriguez- Full Interview

If you read my post, 5 latina artists you must follow, then you are familiar with Shawnick Rodriguez. Here is her full interview for those who want to know more about the visual artist and jewelry maker.


What message, if any, do you convey in your work?

What I am trying to convey in my art, is my love and passion for my culture and people. I want to display Puerto Rico’s unique history and traditions that is distinguished from any others. With my art, you will experience a wonderful array of colors from food, music, people and customs of my culture.

How do you feel Latina artists are represented in the art scene?

Growing up I didn’t see Latina artists being represented other than Frida. She was the only Latina artist at the time who  paved the way for Latinas as myself. But as I’ve gotten older I see more and more Latina artist coming out and showing what our culture represents.

If you are of Caribbean-Latin descent, do you feel that you are represented as well or as much as Latin artists with Southern-American descent?

Honestly, I don’t. As I stated only Frida was being represented for us. Yet, in Puerto Rico you have Myrna Báez who was considered one of the most important artist of our time that wasn’t represented as she should have been.

What changes or movements do you feel should take place in order for us to progress in the art world?

I believe one great movement in art is giving someone something they can feel in order for the art world to progress. For me I want people to feel my joy in my art work, my love for my culture and what it truly embodies…. strength.

What are your goals for 2019 as far as your work goes?

My goals for 2019 is to take Art By SIR to the next level. I want to make a business out of it and expanding it. I don’t only want people to enjoy the paintings and jewelry, I want them to wear it on their everyday life via shirts, hats, key chains or mugs.

If you were to have a tazita de café with a famous artist from the past or present, who would it be and why?

If it is the present I would love to sit down with Banksy. The man is a living legend. No one knows what he looks like and  the strategies and ideas of his work are beyond his time. I would love to ask him to mentor me so I can better my craft and therefore become a better artist.

Don’t forget you can also find her on IG, Facebook and Etsy @Artbysir.

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